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Scooby Doo Whack A Ghost

Size: 1.51 MB
How to play:
Help Shaggy use his magic spell-book to get rid of the evil spirits
Always get ready for surprises as the ghost can appear suddenly and without warning
Wait for the ghosts until they get out of their tombs and then kill them by clicking on them
Be quick and try to zap as many ghosts as possible to maximize the Level Up meter- a vertical bar gauge located in the left-handed side of the screen. When this mete reaches its highest level, you can level up and get a time extension
Take notice of the countdown timer in the top right corner. If the time runs out before you move on to the next level, you will get an instant game over.
Take extra care of all ghosts. If you let a ghost stay out of its grave long enough, it will fight back against Shaggy.
Also, beware of Scooby. Do not hit him!
Be careful with the ghosts' attacks. Remember that Shaggy only has three lives. If he gets hit by a ghost, he will lose a half of his life. The game is over if he is run out of lives
Scooby Doo and his gang have gone through many serious in their series of adventures. This time, Scooby and his best pal, Shaggy dangers have to face their greatest fear: Ghosts. They are stuck in a ghost-laden graveyard. This is absolutely a terrifying place as it can scare our two cowardly friends out of their skin. So that is why in this fun new game Shaggy needs your help to fight against all the ghosts and other kind of zombies in the cemetery. Your job is to zap all the ghosts while they are out of their grave and of course protect Shaggy from being struck back by them and also watch out to don't hit Scooby. Good luck!
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