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Scooby Doo - The Temple Of Lost Souls

Size: 1.69 MB
How to play:
-Use a keyboard and mouse as controls
-Keep in mind the following key commands as they are keys to your survival
Press Arrow keys UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to make the character move
SPACEBAR to take any action
"T" to exchange the selected item with the next one in the inventory
"P" to pause the game
In case you forget any of the key commands above, just use the "H" key to return to the game instructions
-NOTICE: Please pay attention to these symbols below while playing the game if you don't want to end the game too soon.
The FREE-O-METER: It is a gauge placed in the top left corner of the screen which determines the current fear level of the characters. If it fills all the way, the game is over.
The SELECTED OBJECT ICON: This icon is placed in the top-right corner and identifies the currently active inventory object.
TIMER: The countdown timer is placed in the top-left corner of the screen, below the Free-O-Meter. The time allowed to complete the task is 5 minutes. If you let the game time out, the game is over.
If you are a fan of The Scooby-Doo film series, especially Shaggy and Scooby, the cowardly but lovable dynamic duo; then you'll definitely love this game. Scooby Doo: Episode 4: The temple of lost souls is an action game with the two beloved friends Scooby Doo and Shaggy. This couple has tackled various crimes around the world and in this next adventure, they need your help.
Your task is to guide the two characters through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles.
Your specific tasks include:
-Watch the scenes and search for useful clues.
-Gather inventory items to help you come across obstacles.
-Keep your coolness until the end of the episode.
The main game screen holds your inventory to help you along the quest. You can access stored inventory items from the INVENTORY.
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