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Scooby Doo Ride

Size: 0.66 MB
How to play:
Firstly, please move the mouse cursor to the "START" button in the bottom of the screen and then click on it to initiate your game.
Be patient and wait a few seconds until the game loading reach 100%.
When the game menu shows up, press the purple 'PLAY' button to start playing
There are seven levels in total that may be chosen for this game. You must start at level 1. To unlock the next level, you should help Scooby earn as much points as you can by chomping on Scooby snacks,bones and turkey meat along the way
Use the arrow keys to guide the bike in the right way.
The bike path is pretty steep, so be careful to avoid crashing, because you have only five lives till the end.
Welcome to Scooby Doo Ride, a free bike racing online game. Here you can have the chance to race through a series of exciting challenges. Please help Scooby ride over the steep hill and find out how many points you can score. Don't forget to collect Scooby's food along the way to get extra bonus points.
We wish you have a lot of fun while playing this amazing game with Scooby Doo
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