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Scooby Doo And The Creepy Castle

Size: 0.84 MB
How to play:
To start the game, click on the ''START" button shaped like a gray-colored tomb.
Next, you are forced to watch game intro slides as the game boots up. You can press the "NEXT" button to keep on displaying the slideshow or make it disappear by clicking on the "SKIP INTRO" button. These buttons are pretty easy to find since they are right next to each other.
In-game controls are as follow:
-Use your mouse to interact with items.
-Find out and collect all objects hidden in the castle because they can help you scare the ghosts away. Click on objects to store them in your inventory
- Click on the doors to open or close them.
Notice: You only have three tries to rescue the Scooby-Doo crew. You lose a try if Scooby's Fright Factor gets too high. But don't worry, the Scooby snack can help. Use snacks to make our cowardly friend more comfortable.
It is a whole new challenge for our hero, Scooby Doo. His friends are lost and trapped inside a creepy abandoned castle. Unfortunately, Scooby have to do the mission by himself alone because his best pal, Shaggy would like to stay outside and guard the van. So, give Scooby a hand and scare the evil spirits away for him so that he doesn't get extremely scared, and give him Scooby snacks to ease his fear. Good luck!
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