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Episode 3 Reef Relief

Size: 1.73 MB
How to play:
If you are a big fan of the series Scooby Doo Games, then you will be familiar with the rule of this game as the gameplay is exactly the same in all episodes of the series
If you are a game newbie, then follow carefully the step-by-step instructions below to play the game properly:
Firstly, please click on the "NEW GAME" button to start the adventure. Then, select one of the two game modes available which are REGULAR GAME and TIMED GAME.
As soon as the game setting is finished, it's ready to play.
Now, play the game using your keyboard keys
Arrow keys - Walk
Spacebar - Action
"S" - Save the current game
"L" - Load the last saved game
"T" - Exchange the selected item with the next one in the inventory
"P" - Pause game
Below are some notes on the rules and how to control the game:
-Watch out for the FEAR-O-METER. It is a gauge located in the top-left corner of your screen. It measures the characters' current coolness level. If it falls to zero, you are out of the game. So, be calm and keep your coolness until the end of the game. Please take extra care that our two friends Shaggy and Scooby do not get scared too
-Look at the green bar in the top-right corner to identify currently active inventory object. Remember collecting items to help you throughout the game
Are you ready for a new adventure? Well Scooby and Shaggy are!! Join with them in their next big adventure. Help our two friends navigate quests and play activities to level up. Some quests are pretty hard, and others are relatively easy so be ready for any adventure that may come your way. And this isn't the only adventure, checkout other free online adventure games on our website. Have fun!
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